Fighting Fair: Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. for Kids, Grades 4-8 Complete Class Set with DVD

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Historic struggle and conflict resolution lessons come blended in this curriculum. Fighting Fair: Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. for Kids examines key dynamics of America's civil rights movement, emphasizing Dr. King's philosophy and practice. Help your students recognize the practical value of nonviolent problem-solving in their own lives, even in the face of apathy or violent opposition.

Students will explore complex topics such as prejudice, racism, intolerance, war, and nonviolent social action, and learn valuable strategies for defusing anger, confronting fear, and speaking out against injustice.

The award winning companion video, shot with middle school students, integrates historic footage and images with a scripted segment that provides a simple problem-solving format for students.

Originally we produced this unit with grades four through eight in mind; some pages are more suitable for upper elementary. For the more complex possibilities of discussion and role-plays, however, we recommend the unit for middle school.

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