Grade 6: Creando La Paz y Construyendo Una Comunidad

Filled with exciting projects and lessons, our Spanish translation of Creating Peace, Building Community focuses on a variety of important topics, including cultural awareness, community building, and agression control.
Designed with student advisement in mind, this cutting-edge curriculum helps students build self-worth and a strong values system while learning conflict resolution skills.
We offer on-site training on all our curricula—call (800) 749-8838 for details!
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Reglas de Paz Poster
Price: $3.95
Reglas de Paz Poster
Spanish translation of the original Rules for Fighting Fair poster (11" x 34").
Reglas de Paz Poster Set (5)
Price: $17.95
Reglas de Paz Poster Set (5)
Spanish translation of the Peace Rules poster (11" x 34"), set of five
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