Prepared for Action: Responding to Crisis in Your School

Price: $199.95
Product Code: CM
While it's impossible to prevent every incident that may occur, teachers and administrators have a responsibility to be prepared. Our Prepared for Action manual offers your school and district a concise, comprehensive resource for handling virtually any crisis. Developed by experts in school security, law enforcement, and crisis management, this guide first emphasizes prevention in establishing a peaceful school environment and training all personnel in basic responses. It then offers step-by-step instructions for creating a crisis management team, defines responsibilities, provides handy checklists, explains evacuation techniques, and specifies immediate and long-term follow-up procedures.

The manual includes a CD-ROM containing sample forms, letters, and a complete set of crisis-related policies and procedures for use as reference. Also included: a set of adhesive "bulls-eyes" to alert emergency personnel of any unknown and possibly dangerous object.

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