Time Out! Resolving Family Conflicts Trainer's Implementation Manual Set

Price: $139.95
Product Code: TOTRC
Time Out! Resolving Family Conflicts, provides simple-to-use conflict resolution skills for the whole family.

The Time Out! Resolving Family Conflicts Trainer's Implementation Manual contains everything you need to implement the family component of your conflict resolution program. Packaged in a handy three-ring binder, this affordable, attractive manual contains fully scripted presentations, color transparencies, sample forms, presentation tips, and suggestions for advertising and promoting your program.

The manual is divided into four parts. Part One offers suggestions for a brief, one-shot presentation of fundamental concepts and skills (for example, in 20 minutes for a PTSA or community meeting). Part Two offers a set of field-tested activities to introduce the concepts, skills, and vocabulary to parents. Part Three offers activities for a lively training with parents and children combined. Part Four offers a wealth of practical information on logistics of promoting, organizing and facilitating your workshop.

The staple-bound participant booklets present the skills to listen actively, cool down, deal with feelings, express needs constructively, and conduct a simple mediation process.

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